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Charles B. Shuman Grants available Through IAA Foundation

Through grants made to eligible individuals and organizations, the Charles B. Shuman Fund seeks to strengthen and enhance farming, agriculture, and rural communities.  The Fund supports educational, research and leadership development activities that benefit farming and promote choices in agricultural production and marketing. The IAA Foundation is proud to administer this gift and is currently accepting materials for grant requests by June 1.

Financial support of up to $3,000 is available for graduate students whose studies, research or thesis topics are related to agricultural issues, including policy, marketing infrastructure, trade, seed technology, or production and management practices.

Up to $5,000 in financial support is available to individuals, groups and organizations to develop local, regional and national agricultural leaders. Grants are also available for projects that create and implement agricultural policies that assure management choices for farmers and long-term profitability of independent agricultural producers.

Visit the IAA website to learn more.

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